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Hi, I'm Liz!

I'm a life long dog person with a Masters in International Education and Communication  from Teachers College at Columbia University, plus Continuing Education in Animal Communication and Energy Healing.  I live with my family plus 3 dogs, and find myself chatting with an animal every day, wherever I am in the world!

I've won dog training awards and certifications throughout my life and spent over 16 years teaching and training children and adults in Active Listening and accessing intuitive abilities. 

My professional training, experience and passion makes me uniquely qualified to support families, professionals, volunteers and animal rescue organizations seeking to enhance their relationships, better communicate and live in greater harmony with their dogs through all stages of life, in and out of the dog house.

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."
- Christopher Morley

How I got started talking with the dogs

At age 5 a kindergarten classmate brought a standard grey poodle to show and tell. 

I instinctively knew what the dog was thinking and went home pleading for a dog.  When I finally adopted a puppy, animal communication came easily as my dog and I instinctively trusted and understood each other.

I started dog training and we won the blue ribbon in dog obedience, competing against adults at the county fair.  As an adult I earned the Pet Partner's Animal Assisted Therapy Team certification and worked with my adopted Black Labrador Sam in hospitals and a traumatic injury rehab center with teams of physicians, therapists and patients. Sam and I had an easy understanding and were even included in a PBS special about therapy dogs.

Years of fostering plus working as a dog and adoptive home evaluator further contributes to my intuitive understanding of what dogs are thinking and feeling, assessing their situations at home, while working, and in needing to thrive. 

I find my best lessons in talking with the dogs come from the many animals willing to trust me and share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. These animal communication chat sessions, whether private chat sessions or shared via Podcast or YouTube, help me maintain my understanding of the different ways people receive messages from animals, hones my abilities to access, share and interpret messages I receive from animals, and allows me to expand my work supporting both animal and human clients.

So, if your dog is displaying a new behavior you want to understand, or you work with dogs and want to help them thrive, or are just curious about this animal communication stuff, reach out and let's connect..  And, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if your dog could talk, or what it would say, I'm here for you.  I’m just an academic combining my solid educational background with my desire to see dogs and humans live happy, holistic, connected lives together in healthy community.

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